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Affordable Electricity and Other Payment Services

Read more about the services we offer below.

1. We provide and install SABS approved prepaid meters

We only supply meters of the highest quality available. Our prepaid meters are all less than 2% maximum error guaranteed. This is very important as inaccurate readings could become very costly. All our meters have a one-year supplier's warranty and we only make use of approved contractors to install our meters. We also have a helpdesk available (Office Hours do apply).

Click on one of the links below to open relevant application form for prepaid electricity meters:
Please complete form and fax to 086 263 2856 or email to info@pscafrica.co.za.

2. We facilitate access to affordable manageable electricity

We charge the same rates as the municipalities, or Eskom, in any given area. No fixed monthly administration fee will be charged. Only a percentage admin fee. Purchasing of electricity units via internet or cell phone is a very convenient, effortless and time saving service we offer to you. No more high risk and costly credit card usage, or traveling long distances to buy electricity tokens, but through a normal EFT bank transaction or sms, purchasing of electricity units can be done anytime, anywhere in South Africa.

3. We transfer money from any bank or bank account

In short, we move money from the client's bank account to the bank account of the person responsible for paying the electricity bill to the municipality. Monies collected aside from electricity payments, (for example: rent, levy etc.) will be deposited into the account of the collecting party.

4. We collect any monies due apart from electricity payments

The exciting part of our system is not just focused in making life as affordable and comfortable for the end user, but it really is designed to benefit the landlord, body corporate and estate agent as well. Even the private house owner renting out a granny flat will greatly benefit from this concept. Through our system, payments for rent, levy, etc. can be made the same way electricity is purchased. We can collect any monies due by the client. We will collect the money for you!

5. We offer control to parties collecting money

Our system mitigates the risk involved in collecting monies due, rent etc., from your client. In a league of our own, we offer you a lot of control with very little effort on your part. The system, by blocking the purchasing of electricity, will ensure the payment of monies due. In short, the meter will not allow the renter to buy electricity, unless he/she has paid their monies due. The system will only convert "money into electricity", after a specific amount of money (consisting of all the monies to be collected) specified by the collecting party, has been paid.

The benefit for private homeowners with granny flats, lies therein that where the municipality can only offer one meter per lot (for the existing house), we can offer several meters for one lot. Good news for home owners, guaranteeing no more electricity surprises, especially with the new electricity rates affecting us all. Very valid and extremely beneficial for cluster homes, apartment buildings, retirement villages, business parks etc.

All of this at an extremely low monthly cost. Contact us to find out more. We will not waste your time. This could be one of the best calls you've ever made!

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Prepaid Gas Meter

Prepaid Gas Meter The meter is typically installed at a convenient location close to the incoming utility supply where it is easily accessible to the user. The user interacts directly with the meter via the meter keypad. The meter presents information to the user via the LCD, LED light indicators and audible alarm.

Technical Specification

Model Number NEAT GAS

Capacity (m3)

Nominal Flow Rate (m3/h)
Maximum Flow Rate (Qmax) (m3/h)
Minimum Flow Rate (Qmin) (m3/h)
Working Pressure (kPa)

Basic Error (%)
Qmin≤Q≤0.1Qmax: ±3 ; 0.1Qmin≤Q≤0.1Qmax: ±1.5

Leakage pressure (Pa)
No leakage below 15kPa pressure

Pressure Loss (Pa)
≤250 (inlet to outlet)

Maximum Reading (m3)

Minimum Reading (m3)

Working Temperature (oC)
-10 ˜+40

Power Source:
Lithium battery 3.6V

Average current (standby)
< 18µ A

Average current (steady state)
150µ A/60ms

Valve operational consumption

Cut off technology
Motorised valve

Minimum display value

Measurement Accuracy
Class B

Body Dimensions

Size a b c d e Weight(kg)

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Prepaid Water Meter

As water is used, the meter registers pulses from the measurement element and decrements the remaining credit in meter. The meter measures units of water and decrements units of water as it flows through the meter. The meter does not store any tariff information making the meter very simple and cost effective. When all the available credit is consumed, the meter shuts off the valve, cutting off the consumer‘s water supply. The meter supports advanced features to allow for compliance to general utility, legislative and World Health Organisation basic water guidelines.

Technical Specifications

GB/T 778-2007OIMLR49
GB/T 778-2007OIMLR49
CJ/T 133-2007OIMLR49
Diameter (DN)
Maximum Flow (Q4)
3 m3/h
5 m3/h
7 m3/h
Nominal Flow (Q3)
1.5 m3/h
4 m3/h
6.3 m3/h
Transitional Flow (Q2)
0.05 m3/h
0.08 m3/h
0.126 m3/h
Minimum Flow (Q1)
0.03 m3/h
0.05 m3/h
0.07 m3/h
Minimum Reading
0.0001 m3

Maximum Reading
99999 m3

Credit Alarm Level

Working Temperature
0.1 C ~ 40 C

Permissible Water Pressure
0.03 MPa ~ 1 MPa

Method of Alarm
Valve Close

Flow Profile Sensitivity Level

Accuracy class
Class B

Reverse flow meaurement


Diameter Length Length Width Height Weight

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Smart Meter Portal

Our system is compatible with most existing meters available in South Africa and can quickly integrated into a client's existing metering infrastructure. Using our software portal clients are able to view accurate and transparent near real-time electricity consumption and be able to view historical monthly consumption, demand and compare month to month consumption and maximum demand at the click of a button. Our full suite offering gives the client the ability to manage their primary and sub meters and help make informed decisions.

The meters are installed by our qualified and skilled staff after an initial site visit to ensure that the correct area is being measured by the specific meter.

Important features offered by our solution:

  • Individual client access to info via the internet with a secure password.
  • View reporting information on each building.
  • Typical reporting information:
    • Unique meter number
    • Meter consumption - updated daily
    • Maximum demand measurement
    • Graphical half hourly profile data
    • Historical profile and billing data (from date of installation)
    • Current and historical tariff details of applicable meter
    • Total rand value for energy consumption and demand per meter, group of meter or area.
  • Communication between meters and our servers is through a private secure data connection.

*** You pay a once off cost for the electricity meters and communication equipment which becomes your property. From here onwards we carry all the operational and system maintenance cost. You just pay us a low nominal monthly fee.

View Smart Meter Portal

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