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Frequently Asked Questions

As a Land Lord

How much do you charge for a meter?

There are a number of different meters available depending on what you might need. Our staff and contractors will gladly assist you to a quotation for meters as well as installation cost.

How much do you charge for a token or for your service?

We have got a number of solutions for you depending on what will work best for you. Please contact our marketing team for these requests. You can do so by phoning us on 086 107 3289 or Cyril: 082 788 3128 or e-mail us at

I've got a granny flat, can you help me?

Yes we can help you. We will install a meter in your granny flat. Your tenant will register on our system to purchase electricity

I've got a house with a municipal electricity account.

You will have to purchase a meter from the municipality; we might be able to help you with our cell phone or internet system. Depending on which municipality you are at. You can contact us on our contact us page to support you with this.

I've got a unit in a complex and I want to install a prepaid meter for my tenants or myself.

We can help you. Our system is specifically designed to accommodate you. We will make an arrangement with the body corporate to accommodate your prepaid meter on your behalf. You will have to contact us regarding this to clear the necessary details.

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New PSC System

My meter shows an error 30?

1. Move device to another plug.
2. Make sure all circuit breakers are off EXCEPT the plug where device is plugged in and the main circuit breaker is on.
3. Plug unit into neighbour's plug. Don't let power run out as a rule, buy enough electricity.

I sent an SMS, but did not receive my token?

It may be that the server did not receive your SMS or that the SMS did not reach your cell phone that was sent from the server. Try sending another SMS. If you receive a reply that we are waiting for bank clearance you know that the token was generated by the system but not delivered to you. This would be due to a GSM network fault. Send a no*last. This will re-issue your last token. Otherwise contact the help desk to assist help you. 086 107 3289

I lost or deleted my token?

Send an SMS...[pin no*last]. You will receive your last token again.

How much can I purchase at a time?

The purchasing amount limit per sms transaction is R500 incl. VAT irrespective of the credit available in the meter account. There is no limit on other purchase methods.

How do I access reports on the system?

Managing entities will be able to log in via the internet and access reports based on rights assigned by us. Individuals will not be able to view reports due to privacy legislation. Please see our website for the instructions on how to access reports.

Web address for assistance:
Business hours call centre number: 086 107 3289

How do I buy credit for my meter?

You will have to transfer money from your bank account to our FNB account using the reference provided to you. You can do this using internet banking. Once the transferred money reflects in our bank account your token will be sent to you. Please note that there is a transition period during which time a deposit will only reflect in our account after 1 -2 days. To speed up the process you can e-mail or fax your proof of payment to us at or 0862632865 Please ensure you top up regularly to avoid being without electricity.

Do you accepts cash deposits instead of EFT's ?

Yes, but any cash handling fees charged by our bank will be for your account. You meter account will be debited accordingly. We strongly recommend you use EFT or ATM banking to transfer money.

Can I get my money back out of my meter account?

No. It's your responsibility to manage the balance based on your personal preferences. If you know you will be moving out soon, do not deposit to much money into the meter account.

Electricity loading instructions?

Our system will present you with a 20 digit number. This number is typed into the electricity meter in sequence. On entering the last number the meter will either accept or reject the number.

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Control & Functions What the icons mean

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Previous PSC System

My meter shows an error 30?

1. Move device to another plug.
2. Make sure all circuit breakers are off EXCEPT the plug where device is plugged in and the main circuit breaker is on.
3. Plug unit into neighbour's plug. Don't let power run out and as a rule,buy enough electricity.

I sent an SMS, but did not receive my token?

It may be that the server did not receive your SMS or that the sms did not reach your cell phone that was sent from the server. The easiet would be to send another sms. If you receive a reply that you are awaiting a bank clearance you know that the token was generated, but you did not receive it. This would be a network error. Send an no*last. This will generate your last token. Otherwise contact the help desk to help you. 086 107 3289.

I lost or deleted my token?

Send an sms...[pin no*last]. You will receive your last token.

Can I purchase electricity from the stores?

Yes you can also purchase electricity from any EasyPay or UniPIN vending point. Keep in mind that the retailer will charge you a 3.5% levy for EasyPay and 5% for UniPIN.

How does your administration charges work?

  1. Percentage of purchase amount to cover service provision and communication and banking costs.
  2. 2.Tenants can register on the vending system and transact using their cell phone.
  3. Tenant will do an EFT into a prepaid account and will then receive electricity up to that amount.
  4. We can also do a direct debit of the tenants bank account if they sign a bank debit order. It's an electronic debit transaction. The debit will be done for the amount requested in an sms.
  5. This option requires the tenant to have a bank account if the debit order option is chosen.
  6. Tenants can buy from Pick ‘n Pay (EasyPay outlets) or UniPIN (Filling stations, Spar, ATM’s).
  7. Tenant cannot buy directly from the municipality since the systems are independent of each other.
  8. Reports are made available to the management agent/landlord/body corporate on a monthly basis.
  9. Money collected (less service provider cost) by the service provider is paid over to the nominated party; i.e. landlord, management agent before the municipal account is due.
  10. We do not take over ANY accounts since the property owner has the contract with council for service provision.
  11. The tariff at which electricity is charged for is at the same rate as council UNLESS the landlord/owner/body corporate instruct us to use a different value.

How much can I purchase at a time?

Remember we need to limit your transaction to protect you as our customer. The amount will depend on what the limit is set to.

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Eskom Questions

General Prepaid Questions

How do I get prepayment electricity?
I want my own prepayment meter(s).
Will I save money with prepayment electricity?
Where do I get my electricity from?
My meter does not work. Now what?
Tell me more about electricity.

Vending Related Questions

I want to sell electricity for Eskom (all types of vending agents).
I want to sell online vending systems to Eskom
What is XMLVend?
Why use XMLVend?
I have a totally new way to sell electricity

Meter Manufacturer Questions

How do qualify to sell prepaid meters to Eskom?
How many prepaid meters are installed?
What is the installed unit cost?
Does your service area experience extreme heat?
How is reliability? (out of box failure rate, annual field failure, etc?)
Why were prepayment meters installed?
How was the prepayment decision made?
What was/is the customer reaction?
How large is your service area?
Does prepayment solve electricity theft problems?
If you had to do it all over again, would you still decide to go prepayment metering?

Meter Manufacturer Questions

What do all the words and acronyms mean?
Why don't you use tamper detection in meters?
Why do you only use disposable tokens?
Why did you standardise on a proprietary meter arrangement/enclosure?

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Prepaid Gas Meter

Prepaid Gas Meter The meter is typically installed at a convenient location close to the incoming utility supply where it is easily accessible to the user. The user interacts directly with the meter via the meter keypad. The meter presents information to the user via the LCD, LED light indicators and audible alarm.

Technical Specification

Model Number NEAT GAS

Capacity (m3)

Nominal Flow Rate (m3/h)
Maximum Flow Rate (Qmax) (m3/h)
Minimum Flow Rate (Qmin) (m3/h)
Working Pressure (kPa)

Basic Error (%)
Qmin≤Q≤0.1Qmax: ±3 ; 0.1Qmin≤Q≤0.1Qmax: ±1.5

Leakage pressure (Pa)
No leakage below 15kPa pressure

Pressure Loss (Pa)
≤250 (inlet to outlet)

Maximum Reading (m3)

Minimum Reading (m3)

Working Temperature (oC)
-10 ˜+40

Power Source:
Lithium battery 3.6V

Average current (standby)
< 18µ A

Average current (steady state)
150µ A/60ms

Valve operational consumption

Cut off technology
Motorised valve

Minimum display value

Measurement Accuracy
Class B

Body Dimensions

Size a b c d e Weight(kg)

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Prepaid Water Meter

As water is used, the meter registers pulses from the measurement element and decrements the remaining credit in meter. The meter measures units of water and decrements units of water as it flows through the meter. The meter does not store any tariff information making the meter very simple and cost effective. When all the available credit is consumed, the meter shuts off the valve, cutting off the consumer‘s water supply. The meter supports advanced features to allow for compliance to general utility, legislative and World Health Organisation basic water guidelines.

Technical Specifications

GB/T 778-2007OIMLR49
GB/T 778-2007OIMLR49
CJ/T 133-2007OIMLR49
Diameter (DN)
Maximum Flow (Q4)
3 m3/h
5 m3/h
7 m3/h
Nominal Flow (Q3)
1.5 m3/h
4 m3/h
6.3 m3/h
Transitional Flow (Q2)
0.05 m3/h
0.08 m3/h
0.126 m3/h
Minimum Flow (Q1)
0.03 m3/h
0.05 m3/h
0.07 m3/h
Minimum Reading
0.0001 m3

Maximum Reading
99999 m3

Credit Alarm Level

Working Temperature
0.1 C ~ 40 C

Permissible Water Pressure
0.03 MPa ~ 1 MPa

Method of Alarm
Valve Close

Flow Profile Sensitivity Level

Accuracy class
Class B

Reverse flow meaurement


Diameter Length Length Width Height Weight

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Smart Meter Portal

Our system is compatible with most existing meters available in South Africa and can quickly integrated into a client's existing metering infrastructure. Using our software portal clients are able to view accurate and transparent near real-time electricity consumption and be able to view historical monthly consumption, demand and compare month to month consumption and maximum demand at the click of a button. Our full suite offering gives the client the ability to manage their primary and sub meters and help make informed decisions.

The meters are installed by our qualified and skilled staff after an initial site visit to ensure that the correct area is being measured by the specific meter.

Important features offered by our solution:

  • Individual client access to info via the internet with a secure password.
  • View reporting information on each building.
  • Typical reporting information:
    • Unique meter number
    • Meter consumption - updated daily
    • Maximum demand measurement
    • Graphical half hourly profile data
    • Historical profile and billing data (from date of installation)
    • Current and historical tariff details of applicable meter
    • Total rand value for energy consumption and demand per meter, group of meter or area.
  • Communication between meters and our servers is through a private secure data connection.

*** You pay a once off cost for the electricity meters and communication equipment which becomes your property. From here onwards we carry all the operational and system maintenance cost. You just pay us a low nominal monthly fee.

View Smart Meter Portal

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